Choose the Best Speed Post Tracking Service



If you need domestic express services, you should come to use as we provide time-bound express delivery of letters and parcels that weigh up to a maximum of 35kgs. We are the market leaders in the express industry and we deliver value for money to all our customers. What our customers love about us is the fact that we have departmental offices across the country making us easily accessible. There are many features you will enjoy when you subscribe to our services that we are going to mention in this article.


First, if you have valuable consignments that you want us to deliver, we give you the option of paying insurance charges and this will guarantee that your consignment reaches safely and if not the insurer will reimburse you. You will also enjoy the fact that our facilities are open for service 24 hours a day in the major cities and you can book any time you want. One of the services we are popular for is the online track and trace service we offer to our clients. This allows us to provide reliable, speedy and customer-friendly delivery services at There is barcode made of 13 digits that we use to identify the consignments and this is what the customer uses to track their consignment from booking to delivery.


The other feature we have is an SMS based delivery status once the consignment is delivered to the number that was furnished during booking. You are also able as a customer to track the status of the consignment you sent. There is a free pick-up facility if this is what you prefer especially for the customers that have consignments in bulk. There are customers that prefer credit facilities under the book now and pay later scheme. It is worth noting that this is only available for the corporate clients as well as the regulars but under some regulations by the company. See some detailed facts at this featured post here:


For the regular users as well as the corporate customers, we offer discounts based on the volume but these are regulated under some terms and conditions. If you want to pay on delivery, for the ecommerce companies, this option is also available. If there is any information or complaint about the speed post tracking, there are ways you can contact us and a professional member of the team will assist you accordingly. All our customers are valued and you should not hesitate to communicate in case of anything, click here to get started!


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